Olga No. 2

‘Olga No.2’ © 2018 Carlos Aleman (Click on image to enlarge)
Acrylic on 24″ x 18″ watercolor paper
This painting of Olga, a model from Russia, has a looser play on the large square stencils I’ve been using. The messiness, which is part of the process, didn’t overwhelm the painting (It could have). I found the dark blues over black to be quite satisfying from a color balance perspective. It also, unintentionally, gave the painting the effect of a person looking out a window with city lights reflected on the glass. There is also a bit of motion as the linear continuity takes the viewer in a spiral, but not the 1.618 the masters sought after. Well, I suppose you can do a little creative accounting to arrive at such a curve.
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