City Lights and the Inner World


City Lights and Inner World
© 2015 Carlos Aleman — 48″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas

My last painting of 2015 features a young lady half concealing her identity with her hand.  The figure is illuminated by a tranquil landscape with a crescent moon reflecting in the still waters.  The mountainous horizon seems arranged like a Japanese rock garden, a nighttime city projected upon the scene, city lights shining behind and through the figure.

I see this painting as a transition towards my evolving vision of divine love through iconography inspired by the perennial tradition of artists attempting to do the same.  As with Botticelli’s nude Venus expressing spiritual and intellectual beauty through physical representation, I hope my work can be seen in the same way — lifting the mind to higher awareness and seeing past the illusion of separateness.

In the coming year, I would like to further explore these themes.  If you’re half the cynic as I am, you may be interested in my dark chocolate approach to life.  I fully accept the following truths:  There is more good than bad in people.  It is possible to see the best in everyone.  It is especially beneficial to fall in love with what is different, strange and even the opposite of what we are or believe.

The word Maya, is often translated as illusion.  The meaning of the word more accurately conveys the ‘trickiness’ of life.  May 2016 bring and end to more illusions.  Just as the Ebola hysteria and fear mongering by the media passes, so do the things that frighten us and cause us to perceive life wrongly.  Wish me luck in the coming year as I attempt to practice the disciplines of non-judgment and love.  And may your life be also free of all illusion.

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