Kintsugi Samurai

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‘Kintsugi Samurai’ © 2017 Carlos Aleman

I’m finishing up my pieces for the summer Anime-Japan show.  This one has quite a bit of gold and glitter in the face (photo doesn’t quite capture it) and so I thought I’d describe it with the word, kintsugi.  If you’ve ever seen broken Japanese pottery repaired with lacquer and gold dust, you might find ‘kintsugi’ can also be a metaphor for people who have experienced brokenness and recovery.  I plan to carry the sentiment over to some paintings I’m starting to work on in my head.  I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. This concept of finding beauty in what had been broken and then lovingly patched together reminds me of “wabi sabi” which “seeks the purity of natural imperfection.”
    I’m currently reading: wabi sabi the Japanese art of impermanence.

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