Olga #2

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‘Olga series #2’ © 2018 Carlos Aleman


This painting of Olga, a model from Russia, has a looser play on the large square stencils I’ve been using.  The messiness, which is part of the process, didn’t overwhelm the painting (It could have).  I found the dark blues over black to be quite satisfying from a color balance perspective. It also, unintentionally, gave the painting the effect of a person looking out a window with city lights reflected on the glass.  There is also a bit of motion as the linear continuity takes the viewer in a spiral, but not the 1.618 the masters sought after.  Well, I suppose you can do a little creative accounting to arrive at such a curve.


Boilerplate mumbojumbo:

Almost all the paintings on this site are for sale. Currently, I’m working a small‘preliminary’ paintings that I will eventually show to my art dealer and then decide on what would translate well to large canvases. If you’re interested in collecting my work, please contact me or Glenn Aber, owner of Ai Bo Gallery.  Please see contact page.



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