Human mother
Holding the future in your arms
Days plucked from dreams
Stirred from fate
Or would you call it destiny?
Millenniums appear
Like breaking waves
What is a century?
And what are the decades?
What is permanence?
All these questions
Flow out like an estuary
Mysterious notions…
With closed eyelids
Fathoming the next generation
And the tiny portion in your arms

May there be no embers
May the forest infernos
Be quelled and fettered
Kept from overtaking the earth
May all our fears
Turn into fireflies and stars
May pain and sorrow
Fade into evening skies
May smoke turn to mist
May the vault of heaven
Turn from hellish orange
To consolatory blue
And all our newborns
Be kept safe and live to see
The metamorphosis of planet and human heart