Lanky cub-bearers
And tiny cubs
If they survive
Smaller mother and child
Weaker bodies
Lower average weight…
With angular faces
They search the damaged ice ecosystem
Mourning the absence
Of crayfish and crabs
And all that is meat for seals
And if there are no seals
There are no bears
And what then?
A requiem sung
In soundless arctic absurdity?


In a place that should be cold
Warmth has crept in
Bringing corruption and defilement
Contagion and pestilence
The dens cave-in
As the palaces melt
Nurseries for the young
In what should always be winter
Protection is illusive
When warmth doesn’t rest
The invisible cause
Of labyrinthine causes
Is greenhouse gas emissions
Unnecessary thorns
In the stems of human creativity…
Ask the children