We need you
How else can I say it?
You are the pollinator
A prolific fascination
Our crops
Adorned in color and dew
And splendor of being
Are destitute without you
No fruits or seeds
No apples, almonds or nectarines
Well, it’s a very long list
Of all the things we would miss
If you were absent
And there was no hum
Of your diaphanous wings
Or drone of your colonial home


Flights of a ten thousand miles
The females do all the work
Nursing, cleaning
Collecting nectar and pollen
Making the honey
No time for fun
Not in a dazzling matriarchy
Long live the queen
All hail to the empress
What will happen
If the bees disappear?
As the temperatures climb
How will they know when it’s spring
If there is no snow to melt?
How can a matron rule
In this unnatural decline?