In Koala dreams
What is there to be seen?
An old earth
or a new earth?
Over crystalline waters
Or a sullied pond of tears?
Would these fjord visions eclipse the sun
Like a crown
A muted lamp
Clamoring and shouting reflections?
Would the visions themselves
Recognize you?
Would angelic koala contemplations
Of dire situations
Reveal a rapid decline in their kind?
Or miraculous escape?


What would a little witness think
Of the waters swelling
Right up to the edge of the world
The land just a little less significant each day?
What would ruminations bring
As the ocean mysteriously rises?
With no understanding
Of too much CO2
And the ooze they dig out of the ground
Little koala
What would you think?
As you curl up
With your tiny hands and feet
And watch the earth
Become a little less wild