The oil conglomerate
(There is no need to mention)
Mention their name
They befriended climate denial groups
And created an eco-friendly coalition
That was not friendly at all
The billions poured into campaigns
A crusade to destroy the world
To discredit science
Play up uncertainty
Trumpet fecklessness
Among suits and lawmakers
And the true fake news
It seems as though they have won
But the children are not selfish
They can see through the bluff

A young girl
Once said
If there is action
There is hope
Somewhere in the bushlands
In Southeastern Australia
The koalas spend most of their days sleeping…
In marsupial dreams
Is there an alternate world?
One where the humans
(Who once hunted them for fur)
Take action
And give meaning to hope?
One in which the old
Listen to a young girl
And dream with the koalas?