There was a famous multinational
With groundbreaking scientists
They long ago predicted the climate crisis
And that action had to be quickly taken
But one day
In light of inconvenience
And lack of cost-effectiveness
And because it was counter to profitability
There was a chill
In an executive boardroom
When it was decided
To deny the science
And misinform the public
Easily tempted by short-term riches
With dilapidated hearts, souls and self control
They transgressed and all best intentions unraveled

But to our defense
The threads of garments
Unwound and spilling
Are woven anew
by children
Closer to the womb of creation
With great measureless magic
They take the garbled nonsense
And inventive lies
Stitch together the rags and shreds
Meticulously providing new testimony
To counter
The suborning of perjury
In the court of every earthly observer
The youth will not stand
For the world ending in deceit