While caring and uncaring man
Jostle and quibble
The conscientious
And their dark shadow counterpart selves
Try to tear out of each other’s hands
Agreements and protocols
To save the world
The environment waits for the next rains
Beds of ash can recover
Vegetation can rejuvenate
There are nutrients in the scorched soil
Seeds to root
Blooming goodness
Restorative wholeness

The roo and the butterfly
Appear in the fields
Ambassadors for a fledgling future
Relentless in their dedication
To keep the world going
As real-estate developers bulldoze
Land spared by the fires
The roo and the butterfly
Overlook this too
Let’s hope that Dr. Malcolm is correct
And life finds a way
The oil companies have also found a way
And so have the lobbyists
And so have the rising seas
And so has the melting ice
And so have the fires