And so the last of the fireflies
Brighten with marigold
Chartreuse and honey
They offer to illuminate our evenings
Extending to us a modest glow
Of a provisional book light
Maybe just a hint
That we might be a little more studious
And move beyond angst and fear
To become more audacious
In our search for truth
Sometimes in a few numbers
Or syllables
Charts and diagrams
Young lovers can look at and share
And find some not-so surreptitious meaning

Some call the news sensational
If only it were spin
If only it were opinion
In the wake of the great warming
Biodiversity dissolves away
Upward-sloping graphs
Rising temperature
Rising emissions
Rising sea levels
Downward-sloping graphs
The loss of wildlife
The loss of sea ice
The loss of forests
The dwindling of the firefly