The moon glowed brightly in the night sky
Or were they lightning bugs
Spread out like constellations?
Or were they embers
From all our forests
Burning down?
Or were they embers
Consuming all that was ancient
And natural
And sweet and fragile?
A tree stands tall in the midst
Resilient in destruction
The road took us past the tree of life again
In the sky was a reflection of us
There were more lights that looked like embers
Or were they lightning bugs?


Where does this ashen road take us?
Its immortal trajectory seems to know
Like an old person
That has witnessed so much
They no longer have words
The path knows no names
It feels nothing but cracking and crumbling
As days bring record heat waves
It listlessly shrugs and meanders like a river
As fire season lasts a few more months
As forests disappear
As animals gather in cathedrals
Made of dead vegetation
Breathing sacred air
While in the distance
They see what looks like embers