And there were many
Who spoke as though
They had found love
Adamant that the world could be saved
That the petals of brilliant minds
Could open like astonished eyes
With tenderhearted genius
Having unlocked hidden possibilities
For a sustainable humanity
For tomorrows
And summers
And winters
And pure plans
For ice sheets and glaciers
An inheritance for the Micronesians
And prosperity for all


Yellow city lights
Like ministerial candles
Like water lanterns
Like fireflies
Seen from orbit
Told the story of people
Shrouded in night
Most choosing kindness
And compliance
And despite their broken spirits
Broken by the ruthless and uncaring few
They believed that the world could be saved
From the slime and soot
And the collapse of both day and night
And from all the injustice
Suffered by man and all the animals