There was an unmeasured realm
In the business affairs of men
In a domain that children couldn’t understand
With wealth and power that few could comprehend
They drank the fossil muck from the ground
And sold it for riches
And purchased governments
And dedicated alters to gold
As they pillaged and wrecked the world
With armies of soulless lawyers and their artifices
And well-funded public relation campaigns
They covered the sky in filth
And spread black tar in the tides
As an impractical few
Tried to become leaders
To howl at the unmeasured realm

As more passionate voices were heard
In a raucous baying
They spoke with conviction
Of the least amongst them
Those that were innocent
And least responsible
Yet suffering the most
As their homes were claimed by the oceans
As well as their innocence
At the very bottom of the depths
Their hearts
Their homes
Their futures
Submerged by troubles
They were not rich enough to solve
Because their tiny islands didn’t seem to matter