Some saw a horizon
The sky reflecting our world
And like a rock garden
Clenching our spirit
One could compare
What was above and below
Beyond the distant twilight
Unseen billions of people
Burning tiny flames
Fearing the cold
As if fear were a love song
This vision spread out across a sunset
Of a little world
Filled with big arguments
And passionate defenses
And critical hearts


Anger burned hot
As science was debated
On gadgets that were made from excessive mining
On devices that were discarded
And thrown into landfills
Overflowing with electronic waste
On these machines
People were unkind
The misled and misinformed
The indecisive and the blind
One could only hope
That the wisdom of the children
Would be enough to turn back time
If only the old would hear the young
And their words wouldn’t disturb them
Not too much