There once was a place
Where the turquoise blue waters
Were the home of the whales and the dolphins
And more and more
The waters became too warm
Much too warm for many species
The change robbed the seas of their oxygen
And warmer became even warmer
And more and more
The waters acidified
And the salty currents traveled in different directions
Than had ever before been seen
And the places that weren’t too warm
Became harder to find
As more and more
They became less and less


There was once a place
Where the reefs weren’t bleached white
There were more colors than could be counted
And more beauty than could be described
The oceans were magically protected
Under a fiery sun
Revealing the hues beyond the blues
Overflowing with life
As the ice melted
And the species migrated far to the poles
The kelp disappeared
And the mercury poisoned the shores
More and more
The dolphins could not find a home
More and more
There was less and less