Ruyoo No. 2

‘Ruyoo Number 2’ © 2018 Carlos Aleman
Acrylic painting
Approx. 13″ x 21″ on 18″ x 24″ paper

The reference photo I worked from actually had red paint on model, Ruyoo Jyoo’s, face. I thought it looked a little too much like blood and opted for blue. Once I added the neon colored paints, the painting activated with energy, at least what I consider nice movement and balance. I didn’t use the stencil squares as much in this one. I stopped just as I found satisfaction with smudges and marks that are part of the process. And of course, there are a few intentional and carefully placed dots. This is another one I might also paint as a large canvas.

Painting on thick cold press acid free paper
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