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Ching Yi: Princess of Clouds RELEASE!

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My wife, Jean’s, new children’s book, Ching Yi: Princess of Clouds, was released this month containing 14 of my illustrations.  This is her foreward:
“Growing up in a small town in New Jersey as one of only a few minorities in school, I was the frequent victim of bullying. It is my hope that this book helps other young people in my situation.”

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The Journey

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I’ve been addicted to painting for over thirty years. (Maybe it’s a disease! 😉 )
I’m constantly experimenting and trying to grow as an artist. If you’re a young artist and feel completely undervalued and overlooked, don’t be discouraged. I’ll turn 54 in a few days and have learned that the love for art itself is enough. The love will get you through the long journey of creative expression and self discovery. It’s important to remember that van Gogh only painted for about ten years and never achieved acceptance in the art world during his lifetime. We should all be grateful for a full lifetime of colors, forms, textures and magic. If there should be any unhappiness, it’s probably just the effect of what Freud called the ‘id,’ or what Eckhart Tolle calls the ‘pain body,’ or some form of profound discouragement. Take heart, you’ll bounce back when all is rooted in love.

A Beautiful Boredom

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Underneath all the technology, the radiant displays and electric colors of our online profiles, social media presence, friends, friends and more friends we’ve never even met —underneath all the sharing, posting, commenting and ‘likes,’ underneath all the things we admit and all the things we hide, all our loneliness and insecurity, successes and failures, exaggerations, and moments of laughter and pain, there is somewhere underneath all those pixels, the image of ourselves we try so hard to create, ordinary people living in boredom, an almost unbearably beautiful boredom.