Death after Kyoto by Carlos Aleman



Death after Kyoto

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Emily Patrick isa twenty four year old woman who travels to Kyoto and experiences reverse culture shock when she returns to the US and misses the warm social customs of the Japanese. Feeling lost, she slips into despair until taking a day off from work to attend the opening of Art Basel in Miami Beach. She meets the eccentric artist, Simeon Susluv, who invites her to a gathering of like-minded people. The next day, she is found dead in a park lying within a circle of pages ripped out of her drawing book.

Detectives Ryan Salter and Kim Ramos arrive at the scene of the murder. Although there’s not a trace of physical evidence, they find enough information on her phone to know that Simeon Suslov was one of the last people to see Emily Patrick alive. The detectives go to an Art Basel event Suslov is scheduled to be at and question him. They discover that Emily had been accepted into a society of secretive individuals that meet to tell each other Japanese ghost stories…

The perfect book if you’re into mysteries, Japanese ghost stories, secret societies, decadent detectives, ASMR, cyber-stalkers, eccentrics and twisted justice!

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