Shironuri in Blue Kimono

‘Shironuri in Blue Kimono’ © 2017 Carlos Aleman (Click image to enlarge)
Acrylic on Canvas
Diptych (2 canvas panels) Each canvas 24″ x 36″ – Total size = 24″ x 72″
Fabric wrap on lower half (Extra red fabric ribbon included)

On the spectrum of beauty and horror, this Harajuku girl ventures closer to the ghostly with heavy black eye makeup, blue lips and spiked collar. The shironuri fashion of the Harajuku district in Tokyo is well known for girls dressed as ghouls and monsters. This painting presents more of the fashion aspect, the subject eliciting the response of high regard not fear. Piercing yellow contact lenses are both soft and severe, her gaze welcoming and daunting. A long bow spills beneath, conveying fragility and femininity.
Purchase $9000

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