Hi there! My name is Carlos Aleman and I’m an artist whose work is inspired by Japanese anime and Asian art. I spent many years as a product designer for a tech company before following my passion for art and becoming a part-time art teacher for young people.

My work is a reflection of the love my students have for Japanese anime, as well as my own long-held fascination with Asian art. I strive to capture the dynamic and energetic spirit of anime while also incorporating traditional Asian art techniques and aesthetics.

My artwork is often described as spiritual, as many of my pieces depict subjects with inner light or otherworldly illumination. My goal is to create pieces that evoke a sense of wonder and mystery, inviting the viewer to contemplate the deeper meaning behind the images.

As an artist, I’m always exploring new techniques and mediums, pushing the boundaries of my own creativity. I’m honored to have my work appreciated by collectors who share my passion for art and spirituality, and I hope that my pieces bring a sense of joy and inspiration to those who view them.

I live in Sunrise, Florida (The other land of the rising sun) with my wife, Ching Yi (Jean), and my Maltese mix, Cosplay.

Email me if youd like to discuss your superpowers, or anything else, especially Japan.

— Mr. C (Carlos Delgado Aleman)