Author of As Happy As LIng
International Latino Book Award Category Finalist

Featured on WPBT Channel 2’s Art Loft

Former Senior Product Designer at Onstream Media

Depression Survivor

Climate Change Advocate

Artwork exhibited at Art Palm Beach and other venues
City of Sunrise, Florida art teacher

Married to Ku Ching Yi (Jean)
Grandfather of four


Interesting events/places:
Sloan Hospital, Manhattan, New York City (born), 1965
The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City looking up at the ceiling repeatedly asking myself if I was fully appreciating the moment, 1984

On top of a shaking building at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 3 miles away from the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger (Mission STS-51-F), 1985

Meeting Jean for the first time at the Philadelphia International Airport, 1996

On top of a volcano, looking down at the clouds in Maui, 2008
Above the clouds once again, Mount Tai in China, 2010
International Manga Museum, Kyoto, Japan, 2013




Haruki Murakami novels

Asian Art





Favorite quote:

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
—Lao Tzu


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3 Replies to “Bio”

  1. You’re a coder as well as a painter and novelist? Carlos– are you a filmmaker as well? I’ve watched your YouTube videos and wondered.

    Squares instead of dots, do you have other shapes you work with? I noticed that the Androgeny series had subdued colors and seemed rectangular??? Why?

    1. Amateur YouTube video maker 🙂
      The Androgynous series was mostly experimental. I tried many different techniques and approaches.

  2. When I wanted to commission someone to paint my portrait, I immediately thought of Carlos Aleman. Of all the artists I had encountered on social media, Carlos’ paintings seemed unique, singular and magical. I knew that if I wanted that individualistic dedication, I had to commission someone who was especially talented in that particular art form. Carlos’ portrait exceeded my expectations; not only had he captured the essence of my younger self, he added a rosy complexion! Like the gifted portrait painters of old, he was able to blend the quirky with the real. It was been such an honor to have had him paint so astutely from an old photograph, that it’s hung above my study desk, as an inspiration.

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