As Happy As LIng, a strange, funny and mind-bending story about sadness, love, hope and happiness.

ILB Award Category Finalist

“Aleman has written an exceptional story…”
—The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“I have to read this novel again! It’s surreal and passionate and disturbing and irresistible.”
—Maria Ferrer (@latinabookclub)

After having their world turned upside down, Alex and Cara pack their belongings, stuff them in the back seat of an old Hyundai and set off for Miami to spend time with their uncle, Diego. Diego is a wealthy man who has walked away from his former life in search of a simple and more soulful one. He inspires fifteen-year-old, Alex, the YouTube blogger, to address his struggles and leads him on a journey of self-discovery. As Nineteen-year-old Cara stalks the young man of her dreams, Diego awakens her untapped creative potential and finds promise in her sketchbooks, directing her toward a life completely devoted to art.

Meanwhile, Diego’s co-worker, Ling, is battling severe depression. Diego becomes the perfect friend on her path toward survival and emotional freedom. Ominously, forces seem to be at work to discourage and blot out all hope. Despite the darkness that envelops them, the veil of reality is pierced by glimpsing into a mystical realm of spirit, meaning and love.



Free excerpt from the audio book, narrated by Ken Damico:



Written by my wife, Jean.

Ching Yi: Princess of Clouds
Ages 4 to 9

Ching Yi is a timid little girl who is being bullied at school. But then she discovers that she has the power to control clouds. And then her whole world changes.This book is the story of one girl’s journey from shyness to confidence, from loneliness to friendship.

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