Spiryts (Graphic novel)

Spiryts is a story that blurs the lines between time, reality, and identity. The book begins where the Japanese fairy tale, Urashima Taro, leaves off and tells the true reason why he left the world.

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Death after Kyoto

Emily Patrick is a twenty-four-year-old ASMR YouTuber who travels to Kyoto and experiences reverse culture shock when she returns to the US.  She attends the opening of Art Basel in Miami Beach and meets the eccentric artist, Simeon Susluv, who invites her to a gathering of like-minded people.  The group spend an evening telling each other Japanese ghost stories.  The following morning, Detectives Ryan Salter and Kim Ramos arrive at the scene of a bizarre murder.  What they will uncover is a story of conspiracy theory addiction, cyberstalking and star-crossed lovers, perhaps the most challenging case of their careers.

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Imagining: Beyond Purpose & Creativity 

The how-to book on life for creative people. A practical guide for overcoming creative block, self-doubt, plus encouragement and strategies to live by.

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As Happy As Ling, a novel by Carlos Aleman

As Happy As LIng

ILB Award Category Finalist

“Aleman has written an exceptional story…”
—The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“I have to read this novel again! It’s surreal and passionate and disturbing and irresistible.”
—Maria Ferrer (@latinabookclub)

After having their world turned upside down, Alex and Cara pack their belongings, stuff them in the back seat of an old Hyundai and set off for Miami to spend time with their uncle, Diego. Diego is a wealthy man who has walked away from his former life in search of a simple and more soulful one. He inspires fifteen-year-old, Alex, the YouTube blogger, to address his struggles and leads him on a journey of self-discovery. As Nineteen-year-old Cara stalks the young man of her dreams, Diego awakens her untapped creative potential and finds promise in her sketchbooks, directing her toward a life completely devoted to art.

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Free excerpt from the audio book, narrated by Ken Damico:


Fireflies & Stars

A different kind of climate change book: Art and poetry for nature lovers and future generations of climate activists and concerned global citizens. This book features C. D. Aleman’s mystical paintings and surrealistic poetry.

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Diego in 2 Places

The mystery of a tragedy at sea, remote viewing, angel guides, international espionage, parallel universes, doppelgangers, art, and love. This story contains a perfect blend of the natural and supernatural.

“This book is not only a mind-bender, but also a comedy, it is a romance, it is a mystery, and you will be talking about it for weeks afterward.” —Jonathan Marcantoni

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Nuno by Carlos Aleman


In the town of Guanajay, Cuba in 1945, a young girl named Gabriela tells her childhood friend, Nuno, to steal one of her father’s books, a guide to loving and fully appreciating women.  After Nuno takes the book home and reads it, the world soon begins to look very different, with one particular day turning to night, fireflies lighting up the sky like stars, and Gabriella appearing to him as an angelic being with wings.  Separated by events beyond their control, Nuno and Gabriela grow older yet remain somehow connected to one another, making their story extraordinary and unforgettable.


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Ching Yi: Princess of Clouds (2019) by Jean Aleman
Ages 4 to 9

Ching Yi is a timid little girl who is being bullied at school. But then she discovers that she has the power to control clouds. And then her whole world changes.This book is the story of one girl’s journey from shyness to confidence, from loneliness to friendship.

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